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Hair&beard Trimmer

    A good electric beard trimmer is extremely important for maintaining facial hair. No matter you prefer a 7 o'clock or stylish scruff, the beard trimmer will satisfy your demand. There are many types of beard trimmers on the market with different characteristics for your option. In order to give you a clearer idea of which beard trimmer is best for you, we have listed the factors to consider when choosing a beard trimmer.

    How to choose the beard trimmer for men?

    1.The Motor

    The best trimmers are not only easy to use, and relatively quick to clean, but also have to be sharp and required a powerful motor. A good motor is equaled to a powerful clipper, allowing us to easily remove the beard.

    2.The Blades

    The blades that are made of stainless steel, titanium, and chromium are more durable, and comfortable than other types of blades. Most importantly, they are the most effective in removing the beard.

    3. Corded or Cordless

    Cons of Corded: The length of the cord determines where you could do your trimming.
    Pros of Corded: You do not need to worry about the battery's life will run out in the middle of a trim.
    Cons of Cordless: You need to consider battery life before using it.
    Pros of Cordless: A cordless trimmer is more flexible and can be used almost anywhere.


    Many trimmers come with attachments that make user's trimmer easier and faster. For example, this12-in-1 electric beard trimmer kitachieves different lengths and different styles with these attachments.


    Ther are many multi-functional beard trimmer on markets such as this11-in-1 cordless beard trimmer kit, which has a wide range of applications, allowing you to trim your beard, head, and body. So you should figure out what you want before buying a beard trimmer.

    6.The Length of your Beard

    Find the right beard length for you. The different length of the beard corresponds to the different length trimmer head. Make sure your trimmer has adjustable heads so you can get different lengths desired.


    Many of the best trimmers are waterproof which can help you save time by allowing you to shave in the shower. In addition, waterproof trimmers can be easier to clean.

    How to use beard trimmer?

    Step1 Wash and dry your beard.
    Step2 Define your neckline and begin with the neck area
    Step3 Follow your beard trim through with a shave
    Step4 Set a clear line on your cheeks
    Step5 Shape up your mustache

    How to clean up and maintain your trimmer

    Firstly, clean your guards with soap and water. Secondly, Clean your trimmer. Brush away any hair that is caked to the trimmer. Lastly, Oiling your trimmer allows the blades and motor to stay lubricated, ensuring the longevity of your trimmer's life.