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Hair & Beard Trimmer

    For a professional hairstylist or barber, there is nothing more important than a pair of quality hair clippers. A good hair trimmer saves you from the embarrassment of a bad haircut and outlines for your clients. If you are a person who want to get styled all by yourself, having a hair trimmer is definitely a good idea. Here are some factors to consider for your reference when choosing a hair clipper.

    How to choose a hair trimmer for men?

    The Motor

    The motor of the hair clipper is your first consideration because it affects its performance and usage time. A powerful motor is able to provide clean, close cuts, and achieve the exact style that you prefer. Cheaper motors don't have enough power to meet your demand and tend to burn out faster than more powerful motors.

    The Blade

    The blade determines how effective a hair clipper will carry out the barbing process. The material of the blade is just as important as its sharpness. Materials used for hair clipper blades include carbon, stainless steel, titanium and ceramic, of which stainless steel and carbon are cheaper and more durable. The titanium blades are harder than steel and self-sharpening to offer long-lasting performance and accurate cutting. The ceramic steel blades provide an even closer cut, but the price is also more expensive. The cheap blades can lead to tugging and pulling to hair, making it more difficult for you to get a perfect style.

    The Battery Life

    If you want to buy a cordless clipper, you should consider the quality of the clipper's battery and battery life.


    Hair Clippers come with a variety of attachments and accessories, and you should consider its guard and comb lengths available that would enable you to cut different. The guard is mounted on the top of the blade. Depending on the guard size, they evenly cover some teeth on the blades to achieve the desired cutting length.

    Easy to Cleaning & Use

    Many clippers feature waterproof that allows you to rinse them under the tap with water. The lighter hair clipper is easier to handle. The hair clipper with ergonomic design makes it more comfortable to hold in hand.

    How to use hair trimmer?

    Firstly, Starting with dry hair makes it easier to achieve the hairstyle of your choice, and it is not easy to get rust for your clippers. Secondly, Making sure the correct guard is attached for your preferred length before you begin the cut. You also can use the longest guard first before moving to shorter guard lengths. Lastly, You should hold the clippers with the blades pointing downwards and the guard's tip lightly touching the scalp.